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Grill Cleaner

Keep your grill looking like new

Dust, dirt and grease can take your beautiful grill and turn it into an eyesore if you're not careful. Keep your grill looking clean and new with specially formulated cleaners designed to cut through the grime and buildup of regular use.

Grills and Outdoor Cooking Products

With the creation of the very first outdoor gas grill, Modern Home Products set the bar in 1960 and hasn't looked back since. Walter Koziol had a vision that set the standard for all gas grills and we see it throughout the world today. With the creation of the SearMagic cooking grids to the "H" style stainless steel burner, MHP continues to create some of the highest performing and toughest grills on the market. Even better, they're all made in the U.S.A. to ensure the highest quality standards.