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Grill Covers - Evo Grills & Accessories

  • List: $167.00 Starting At: $135.00

  • List: $204.00 Starting At: $165.00

  • List: $167.00 Starting At: $135.00


Grill Covers:

Protect your grill with a premium grill cover.

A well-built grill will last a long timeā€”it'll last even longer if it's well-protected. These grill covers will protect the beautiful stainless steel finish of your grill even in the harshest conditions. Covers are available for both built-in and freestanding models.


Evo Grills & Accessories:

The distinct round shape of the Evo cooktops lends itself to a high range of cooking versatility, capable of grilling a seriously good steak or stir-frying your favorite Asian inspired dishes. The high quality flat tops offer a consistent heating surface that stays hot when you need it and is easy to keep seasoned for optimal cooking performance.

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