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  1. Is a Luxury Grill Worth the Higher Price Tag?

    Should I buy a more expensive Grill?

    The short answer is yes. You should buy a luxury grill if you’re looking for a higher performing appliance with more features and more durable construction.

  2. Napoleon Rogue Series Grill Review

    Impressive Grilling Features at a Great Price

    For 2020, Napoleon has upped their grilling game once again with expanded offerings designed to meet a wide range of budgets and grilling needs. If you want to step into the world of high-end grilling without breaking the bank, these grills may be just what you're looking for.

  3. Can You Use Charcoal in a Gas Grill? And More Grill FAQ's

    Can You Use Charcoal in a Gas Grill? And More Grill FAQ's

    As the summer grilling season starts to ramp up, we're seeing more questions about our grills. Today, we'll cover a few of the more common questions we get regarding grill fuel options.

  4. How to Use a Gas Grill

    Gas Grilling Tips

    Gas grills are relatively easy to use, but no one is born a grill master. Even if you’ve been grilling for years, it can be easy to forget some of the basic knowledge required to get the most enjoyment out of your hobby. With that in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide to ensure your grill works properly from the first day you bring it home to next time you feel like you need an upgrade.

  5. How to Clean a Gas Grill

    Learn to properly care for your purchase

    Grills are frequently subjected to forces capable of breaking down steel. Heat, fire, water, salt, grease, moisture, and humidity can all take a toll on your product over time and can eventually start to negatively impact your grilling experience.

  6. What is a Pellet Grill?

    An easy way to get great results

    Let grills offer a unique alternative to traditional charcoal or gas grills. They're also incredibly easy to use'just add pellets and set your grill to the desired temperature. If you're in the market for a new grill, here's why you should consider one of these great grills to upgrade your outdoor kitchen.

  7. Tips for How to Cook on a Charcoal Grill

    What's the difference between a charcoal grill and a gas grill?

    The first place to begin when thinking about cooking with charcoal is considering how much different it is as a fuel than gas. Charcoal/wood is the O.G. (original grill) fuel type but over the years gas has surpassed charcoal in worldwide popularity especially in America where two out of three people own a gas grill (according to the Hearth, Patio, & BBQ Association).

  8. Cooking Under Pressure: Tips for Sous Vide Cooking

    Tips for Sous Vide Cooking

    As terrifying as it is to constantly be under this kind of pressure, eventually you get used to it - and above that, most chefs are good at their jobs and don't make mistakes too often. With that being said, the purpose of this article is to take a look at a modern cooking method that is just now migrating from the professional kitchen to the home kitchen.

  9. 50-Hour Sous Vide Al Pastor

    Al Pastor: A popular Mexican dish

    Let's take a look at one of the most popular Mexican food trends right now: Al Pastor. Literally, "in the style of the shepherd" (sounds authentic, no?) Al Pastor refers to a certain style of roasted meat, that is most commonly eaten as street food in Mexico - think Mexican Gyros.

  10. Inspiration Gallery: Grilling Heaven

    Inspirational Projects & Ideas What better way to start your next DIY project, home improvement job, or redesign than with the ideas and inspiration of our past projects. We've put together a varied list of different setups that focus on patio projects with a new fire pit, custom grill island, or other patio endeavors. Be sure to check this out...

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