A Do-It-Yourself Guide?

As with many home improvement projects, there are several key variables involved with building your own BBQ grill island. In this guide, we won't be able to provide a one-size-fits-all solution, but we will be able to walk through the most relevant points regarding how to build an outdoor grill island. It's worth noting, we do offer pre-designed outdoor grill islands, however most of what we'll focus on here is the customizable options available when designing your own grill island.

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How to Build a Grill Island on a Deck or Patio

Safety Considerations

A deck can often be a great option for your outdoor kitchen. It’s a natural gathering place, a convenient location, and a cost-effective option. That being said, you’ll want to take some extra precautions if you’re looking to create an outdoor kitchen in this space.

First, ensure your space complies with the grill manufacturer’s specifications. This includes necessary details like clearances. You’ll also want to check your local fire code, as a permit may be required.

Keep weight in mind, as well. Building materials can make a large difference in the final weight of your setup. Steel or wood framing, cement board versus block or brick, and even countertop material can all have a big impact. If weight will be an issue with your deck, consider a pre-built metal grill island. This will afford you the benefits of an outdoor kitchen without the need to completely overhaul your space.

Think “Big Picture”

Will your grill be close to railings? Consider making your grill island dual-purpose by incorporating a bar or overhanging counter on the backside of your installation. Limited space? Do your planning so as to not compromise your dining space. Sometimes, a smaller kitchen you can enjoy with guests may be a better option than a larger kitchen that disrupts the flow of your outdoor space.

Extra planning considerations shouldn’t be limited to aesthetics, either. Consider access for gas, electrical, and water if you’ll be incorporating these elements into your design. Whether you’re working with existing lines or running new ones, you’ll want to know how these will be used. As simple as it sounds, it’s these small details that are easy to overlook if you’re not careful.

Additional Considerations

Will your grill island be constructed with wood framing? If so, you’ll need to invest in an insulating grill jacket to ensure a safe installation. You may also want to consider a power vent hood if you’re going to be grilling in a covered area—no one wants to be breathing in a cloud of grease and smoke all night.

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How to Work with a Contractor to Build a Grill Island

When in doubt, work with an expert. Find a contractor with experience who’s familiar with outdoor kitchens. Many contractors will also have CAD capabilities which can be helpful for visualizing the final layout of your space before the building process begins.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to jump to design, finish options, and layout, but we recommend starting with the basics first. How will you get power, gas, and water to the grill location? What local codes will you need to consider? Will your outdoor kitchen be properly protected from the elements? A good contractor will know to take these details into consideration, but it never hurts for you to keep these tips in mind when working with them.

Quick Tips for a Professional Layout

  • The farther from your indoor kitchen, the more robust your kitchen amenities will need to be.
  • Keep in mind “functional zones” when planning—a hot zone (cooking), a dry zone (storage and prep), a wet zone (cleanup), and a cold zone (refrigeration, cooler, and bar).
  • Traffic patterns are important—no one likes a crowded kitchen.

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