Now more than ever, people are opting to stay in rather than venturing out to restaurants. Many grill enthusiasts have taken this extra time at home to try and step up their grill game, embarking on the ultimate quest: to create a restaurant-quality meal at home. But how do you recreate 5-star steakhouse food and BBQ with your backyard grill? 

Bringing your restaurant favorites to your dining room table isn’t as hard as you may think. The right equipment - like a high-quality rotisserie kit and sear burner - can take your home-grilled food from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ Whether it’s a date night in, a meal with friends and family, or just a random Tuesday, there’s no better time than now to create a high-end grilling experience at home.  

We asked our grill experts what tools are necessary to bring professional-style grilling to your backyard. Here are their top recommendations.

Restaurant-Quality Slow-Roasted Food

Restaurant-Quality Sizzling Steaks

Rotisseries: The Key to Slow-Roasted Perfection

Craving that delicious, slow-roasted flavor you’d normally get at your favorite BBQ restaurant? Recreating it at home is easy with a rotisserie.

While rotisserie chicken and turkey are classics, rotisseries aren’t just for poultry. Prime rib, pork tenderloins, roasted pineapple - rotisseries are great for cooking any large piece of meat (or fruit) for a rich flavor you just can’t create by roasting in the oven.

The most common form of rotisserie is one that pierces the food with a spear. But what if you want to diversify your slow-roasting game to include, say, chicken wings, french fries, and veggies? That’s where a rotisserie basket comes in. These baskets tumble the food inside as it rotates, creating a crispy final product without the need for oil or deep frying. Though harder to find than rotisserie spears, rotisserie baskets allow you to diversify your menu with smaller dishes and sides for a true restaurant-caliber experience.

Rotisseries are also relatively easy to use. They run on electric motors, so you’ll need access to electricity near your grill. A sturdy motor and a counterweight to balance the load are key for a smooth rotation and a professional end result.

While most charcoal grills can’t be outfitted with a rotisserie, the majority of gas grills can. If your gas grill didn't come with a rotisserie, never fear - you can purchase an add-on rotisserie kit accessory. 

The Products Our Experts Recommend

Charcoal Grill Owners, You’re in luck! 

Blaze BLZ-34-ROTIS-SS Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit for 32-Inch Grills 

This 32-inch rotisserie kit fits both Blaze gas and charcoal 32-inch grills. With an enclosed 120V motor and 304 stainless steel construction, this rotisserie is built to hold up against the elements. 

Slow-Roast Like a Boss

Blaze BLZ-5-ROTIS-SS Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit for 40-Inch Grills 

Everything you get with the 32-inch Blaze rotisserie kit, but made for Blaze’s 40-inch grills. With two rotisserie forks for meat stability, this rotisserie will have you slow roasting on your Blaze grill like a pro. Note: this rotisserie kit is not compatible with Blaze PRO grills.

Bring on Your Biggest Turkey!

Napoleon 69911 Rogue Series Grill Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Kit

Built to hold up to 26.5 pounds of food, this heavy-duty motor is up for the challenge. The counterbalance also ensures a nonslip rotation for an evenly-roasted meal worthy of your favorite BBQ restaurant. Built to be compatible with Napoleon Rogue grills.

UnBULLievable Slow-Roasted Flavor 

Bull BG-56000 38-Inch Rotisserie Kit 

Made with stainless steel and a powerful motor, this rotisserie is built for longevity and durability. Compatible with Bull 38-inch grills. 

Check out our full selection of rotisserie kits for more. 

Up Your Steak Game: Grills With Infrared/Sear Burners

No 5-star steakhouse meal would be complete without the crown jewel - the steak. Few foods are harder to recreate at home than a juicy, professionally-cooked steak. The secret ingredient for restaurant-quality flavor isn’t even an ingredient at all - it’s an infrared burner.

Our product specialists nearly always recommend grills with infrared burners. Without getting too technical, infrared technology cooks by heating the meat directly, not by heating the air around the meat like traditional grills (a method known as convection). This lack of air movement within an infrared grill allows the meat to retain more moisture for a juicy, restaurant-worthy steak.

While great for searing meat, heating up a skillet, or cooking in a time crunch, infrared or sear burners don’t work as well for veggies or saucy foods. Similar to the rotisserie, some grills have infrared burners built-in and others don’t. If not, don’t worry - they can be purchased as an add-on for some gas grills.

The Products Our Experts Recommend

A Leader in Infrared Grilling Technology

TEC grills create even heat distribution and eliminate moisture loss for a steak packed with flavor. Perfect for grilling, roasting, or smoking, these grills are efficient and built to last a lifetime.

Tried and True - Or Should We Say Trident and True?

Select the upgrade to a Trident model to unlock the full power of your Lynx grill. Lynx’s Trident infrared technology packs a powerful punch, delivering intense heat for a quick sear to create that restaurant-style crust on your steak. With ceramic radiant briquettes, Lynx grills provide a charcoal-like infrared heat for a premium grilling experience. 

A Sizzling Add-On For Your Twin Eagles Grill

Twin Eagles TESZ-KIT Sear Zone Kit 

Designed to replace a conventional gas burner in a Twin Eagles grill, this infrared burner provides up to 25,000 BTU for some serious searing capabilities and a professional-grade result.

A Searing Addition to Your Blaze PRO Grill

Blaze BLZ-PRO-IR Infrared Burner for Blaze Professional Grills

Designed to replace a conventional gas burner in a Blaze PRO grill, this ceramic infrared burner will elevate the versatility of your Blaze grill - and your grilling game.

Now that you’re equipped with all the right tools and knowledge, it’s time to get cooking!

Our Grill Experts Are at Your Service

Wondering what accessories you need to bring a 5-star steakhouse meal to life at home? Not sure which grill is right for you? Reach out to our friendly and smart grill experts today! They know the ins and outs of every grill in our lineup and can help you become the grill master you were always meant to be.

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