Take Advantage of This Classic Design

A kamado grill is a modernized version of a grill design dating back more than 3,000 years. We discussed why this design has been so popular for so long in a previous article, "What is a Kamado Grill?" We’ve also previously taken an in-depth look at one of our top kamado grill brands, Primo grills. Today, we’ll be giving you a few tips on how to make the most of your kamado grilling experience with any kamado grill.

Why Choose a Kamado Grill?

A kamado grill is an excellent option for a backyard bbq grill because it’s versatile, durable, and can create some great flavor. Although Big Green Egg popularized the resurgence of kamado grill usage, there are many great options on the market, allowing you to find the right size and features for your budget.

One of the biggest reasons to choose a kamado grill is its impressive durability. As we talked about in our guide to stainless steel, grills are often subjected to destructive forces like rain and snow. What makes a ceramic kamado grill special is its ability to easily withstand almost anything nature can throw at it without wearing down the same way metal will. It’s not a stretch to say these grills can last several generations—the running joke is that children can often inherit kamado grills from their parents.

Cooking on a Kamado Grill

Ceramic kamado grills are excellent at retaining heat. The thick, heavy construction of a kamado grill hood means you won’t lose heat when grilling in cold weather. Conversely, you won’t have as much hassle keeping a consistent temperature in a hot environment, either. When cooking, consistency is key, and a kamado grill allows you to create optimal conditions inside the grill for great results every time.

On a basic level, a kamado grill operates much the same way as a regular charcoal grill. However, a kamado grill can be used to grill directly, grill indirectly, bake, smoke, roast, braise, and perform a variety of other options all in one. To allow all these different cooking methods, kamado grills typically have a large number of additional accessories available to purchase. When buying your kamado grill, it’s important to consider what you like to cook in order to ensure you also purchase all the accessories you need for a better grilling experience.

One Important Note About Kamado Grills

A kamado grill must only be lit using natural materials. Never use lighter fluids on a kamado grill. Again, with emphasis, never use lighter fluids on a kamado grill.

The reason for this is the ceramic material used in the construction of a kamado grill is porous and will soak up the fumes—and flavor—of the lighter fluid. Unless you and your guests enjoy a strong chemical taste on all your burgers and steaks, it’s best to stick with a product like Primo Quick Lights, matches, or a basic torch.

Kamado Grill Maintenance

If you’d like your kamado grill to last for several generations, it’s important to keep it clean and well-maintained. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy process. In fact, there’s really no need to clean the interior ceramic of your grill. Although this surface will blacken over time, the grill is designed to handle this natural aging process—think of it as a way to remember all the great barbecues of years past. You should also clean your grill grates normally, but this process will be the same as it would be for any other grill.

The most important part of your grill maintenance process with a kamado grill will be frequently clearing out ashes. Ash buildup will prevent the grill from working properly due to poor airflow. Check the ash trap regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and you’ll never have to worry about poor cooking quality.

Over time, the gasket on your grill may begin to deteriorate. This gasket—typically made of felt or a similar substance—helps retain heat, lock in moisture, and provide a soft cushioning when closing the lid. The replacement process will be detailed in your instruction manual, but it is very simple and only necessary once every few years.

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