PolyScience's Three Best Immersion Circulators for Sous Vide Cooking

Quick Summary

If you're looking to get into sous vide cooking, or you've just checked out our intro to sous vide cooking and you're not sure which circulator would be best to get you going--this is the place to be. PolyScience has been at the forefront of sous vide cooking, providing high-quality circulators to a restaurant and home kitchens alike.

When it comes to choosing an immersion circulator to suite your needs, the most obvious question becomes: what size/quantity of food do you envision preparing with your circulator? Ultimately, the main difference between each of PolyScience's circulators comes down to the water volume they can handle - so let's take a look.

Creative Series

A step up from the Discovery, the Creative Series circulator features a classic black exterior with a contemporary design to produce a sleek unit. Capable of handling water baths up to 20 liters or 5.3 gallons, the Creative Series has a max temperature setting of 210°F and features a backlit LCD display with an integrated timer.

This unit is designed for household use only and is a great fit for any home chef looking to cook Sous Vide. This model features the same reliable ±0.1°F temperature stability known to PolyScience's products - it doesn't take up much room and it's lightweight for added convenience.

Chef Series

The standard for professional kitchens, the Chef Series circulator was designed to meet the demands of the world's best chefs and maintain high quality performance. The Chef Series intended to handle water baths up to 30 liters or 8 gallons in volume up to a maximum temperature of 200°F.

Intended for commercial use, the Chef Series carries ETL approval for sanitation & commercial use; it features an adjustable flow control for added regulation while the backlit LCD screen and included travel case make this unit a popular choice for any chef.

Classic Series

The original culinary circulator, the Classic Series circulator is the legendary machine that changed kitchens forever. The robust stainless steel construction withstands the rigors of a commercial kitchen and is designed to circulate volumes of water up to 30 liters or 8 gallons up to a max temperature of 200°F.

Featuring 3 preset temperature settings, an adjustable flow control, and an outstanding ±0.09°F temperature stability, the Classic Series circulator fulfills the most demanding needs for any chef.

The Conclusion:

These four circulator models provide a wide range of options for everyone from beginner cook to the Michelin starred chef--all great options for the sous vide experience. Be sure to check out our vacuum sealer guide to pair with your circulator and enjoy the full benefits of the modern cooking technique.