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Why Everyone Should Own a Vacuum Sealer

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Quick Summary:

The modern cooking technique known as Sous Vide offers a wide variety of versatile cooking advantages - if you're not familiar with it, check out our What is Sous Vide Cooking article to learn more. Sous Vide cooking is almost a misnomer as it generally refers to the process of cooking food in a precisely controlled water bath using an immersion circulator - but literally translated, Sous Vide means "under vacuum" which refers to the pre-cooking process of vacuum sealing your ingredients to create a safe cooking environment during the actual cook.

Thus, Sous Vide really refers to the two-part process, and that first part offers some unique advantages just the same as the cooking portion. Vacuum sealers are a unique kitchen innovation that have previously only been available for restaurants - but with more demand for household use, vacuum sealers are available in a variety of models to provide an option for all need and it breaks down into two types of vacuum sealers.

External Vacuum Sealer

1. External Vacuum Sealers

The most affordable and most common among households are sealers - these vacuum sealers are great for home use due to their low profile design and more affordable cost. Many may be familiar with the brand FoodSaver, but PolyScience has innovated their external vacuum sealers to provide the high quality you'd expect from an industry leader.

These vacuum sealers create a nice tight seal for both rolls and bags as well as canisters for canning. Beyond creating the necessary vacuum seal for Sous Vide, vacuum sealers are great for food storage and preservation to reduce oxidation for anything from chicken to veggies.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

2. Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Traditionally used in commercial applications, PolyScience has innovated both a household chamber vacuum sealer in addition to their line of commercial sealers. Chamber vacuum sealers are larger and thus require more kitchen space, but allow some unique advantages.

In addition to the same tight vacuum sealing, chamber vacuum sealers allow you to seal food in with liquids or marinades. This process is often referred to as rapid infusion and works great to marinade steaks or chicken, and also is a great way to make instant pickles.

The Conclusion:

In both cases, vacuum sealers are a great tool to have in any kitchen for the unique storage advantages they offer - but they do more than just keep food safe, longer. Vacuum sealers are an essential part to Sous Vide cooking and open more culinary doors to create some kick ass food.

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