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Charcoal Grills & Smokers - Napoleon Gas Grills

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Charcoal Grills and Smokers:

Explore the cooking options available with charcoal.

Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are an extremely versatile piece of cooking equipment. These grills are a "jack-of-all-trades" capable of grilling, roasting, baking and smoking exceptionally well. While you may find other outdoor grills better for each of those cooking methods, you won't find any other grills that can perform all of those tasks as well as a kamado.

Smoker Grills

Smokers cook meat at a lower temperature over a longer period of time, resulting a deep, rich flavor that's difficult to reproduce otherwise. Using this cooking method, food is subjected to indirect heat and doesn't dry out. Wood smoke helps supplement the delicious taste, and various flavors of wood chips can be used.

Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens offer extremely high heat spread evenly through the oven. This is the same style of cooking you'll see in commercial pizza kitchens, giving you an authentic restaurant style pizza. These appliances aren't just for pizza, however—they're also great for baking foods like breads and casseroles.

Freestanding Charcoal Grills

Freestanding charcoal grills offer the same convenience as freestanding gas grills, but with the added benefit of the great taste charcoal provides. We offer a variety of styles to suit your taste.

Built-in Charcoal Grills

A built-in charcoal grill can be installed into a custom grill island just like its gas cousin. These units are great for someone who wants the unique flavor charcoal provides, but with the added convenience that comes from a custom outdoor kitchen setup.


About Napoleon:

The beginning of Napoleon can be traced back to Ontario, Canada, in 1976. This is where Wolfgang Schroeter began Wolf Steel, the precursor to Napoleon Grills and Napoleon Fireplaces. Since that time, Napoleon has been an industry leader in both markets in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Though Napoleon products stand with the best on the market, their entry-level products are also notable for quality manufacturing and ample features at lower price points, making them a popular choice among all customers.

Napoleon products are backed by their President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, which allows customers to buy with confidence knowing their products are protected. Napoleon has also been named as one of Canada’s “Top 50 Best Managed Companies” which recognizes their customer service excellence among other factors.

Product Information:

Napoleon grills offer new and innovative technology at an affordable price point, making them some of the best sellers on the market. Napoleon grills offer a step-up from “big box” store models into higher-end grilling like the Napoleon Rogue and the Napoleon Triumph series grills. Toward the higher end of the market, Napoleon offers the Prestige and Prestige PRO grills.

Grills and Outdoor Cooking:

Built-In Gas Grills

To create the ultimate outdoor kitchen, you need to start with a great grill. A Napoleon built-in gas grill makes an excellent centerpiece in your BBQ grill island.

Freestanding Gas Grills

If your gas BBQ grill needs more mobility than a built-in gas grill can offer, Napoleon offers a full selection of freestanding gas grills and gas grills on cart with full mobility and extra outdoor kitchen storage.

Portable Gas Grills

If you’re looking for the perfect tailgate grill or small apartment grill, Napoleon offers a selection of portable gas grill models to ensure you can make tasty barbecue no matter where you are.

Charcoal Grills

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a big, juicy steak cooked over charcoal. Napoleon charcoal grills offer classic charcoal grill design with modern improvements. Napoleon smokers are also a great option for your outdoor kitchen.

Grill Islands

For a no-hassle, all-in-one grilling solution, shop Napoleon’s collection of full outdoor barbecue grill islands featuring a gas grill with options for kitchen doors and access drawers as well as outdoor refrigerators and more.

Grill Accessories

A great grill deserves great grill tools. Shop a full selection of BBQ grill tools to match your Napoleon grill. You’ll also find helpful accessories like pizza stones, griddles, and grill covers.

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