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Doors & Drawers - American Outdoor Grill Products

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Doors & Drawers:

Add storage space to your outdoor kitchen.

When you're preparing your favorite meals on your BBQ grill, you're not going to want to waste time tracking down your grilling tools, pots and pans. Our large selection of grill island doors and drawers will help you keep all of your grilling equipment organized so it's always ready for you to fire up the BBQ.


About American Outdoor Grill:

American Outdoor Grill offers a mid-tier barbecue option designed to bring elegance to your outdoor kitchen without overwhelming your budget. These units are manufactured from the highest grade commercial stainless steel available to ensure you’re satisfied with your outdoor grilling experience for years to come.

These premium grilling products are manufactured in Industry, California, by the R.H. Peterson Company, a company with experience manufacturing premium gas products since 1949. This relationship underscores the quality of the products created by American Outdoor Grill. Those who have purchased AOG products enjoy their customizable configurations and premium build quality.

American Outdoor Grill offers a 15-year warranty on all stainless steel burners, a 10-year warranty on most other grill parts, a three-year warranty on infrared burners and vaporizer panels, and a one-year warranty on ignition systems and accessories. For more detailed warranty information, consult an AOG owner’s manual.

Product Information:

Rounded hoods, smooth contours, and smoother satin finishes give an American Outdoor Grill product its impressive appearance. Their sleek and stylish design offers an impressive addition to any outdoor kitchen.

From a performance standpoint, AOG grills can be customized based on grilling preferences with options such as upgradable ignition systems and infrared burner options.

American Outdoor Grill Products:

Gas Grills

These gas grills offer an ideal centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen. Whether you opt for a built-in gas grill or a freestanding grill model, you’re sure to love your purchase.

Grill Accessories

Find the right cover, rotisserie kit, or replacement burner system to match your grill here.

Outdoor Kitchens

Design your outdoor kitchen to match your premium grill. These AOG island accessories help you get more function out of your space.

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