Make this the year you update to a premium grill.

This is the perfect year to update your outdoor grilling setup. Whether you’re tired of inferior big box store products or you just want to try something new, we’re sure to have a grill to meet your needs. We’ve put together this list to highlight some of our best gas grills for the year.

Here's the list of the best gas grills for 2022:

The Best Value Gas Grill: Napoleon PRO 500 Gas Grill on Cart with Rotisserie and Side Burner

The Most Affordable "Performance" Grill: Blaze 32-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill with Lights

The Most Traditional Gas Grill: Bull Lonestar Select 30-Inch Grill on Cart

The Most Impressive Gas Grill: Twin Eagles 42-Inch Freestanding Grill

The Most Luxurious Gas Grill: Fire Magic Echelon E1060s-51

The Best Infrared Gas Grill: TEC Sterling Patio 2 FR

The Most Unique Gas Grill: EVO Professional Series Grill

The Best Gas Pizza Oven: Summerset 23-Inch Freestanding Outdoor Oven

The Best Value Gas Grill

Napoleon PRO500 Gas Grill with Rotisserie & Side Burner

Napoleon PRO 500 Gas Grill on Cart with Rotisserie and Side Burner

The Napoleon brand has quickly become a favorite among many grilling enthusiasts. Wolf Steel, the manufacturer of Napoleon grills, has been crafting premium products in Canada for decades, and their reputation continues to grow rapidly in the United States. With products like the Prestige 500 series, it’s easy to see why.

This grill features many of the same features as more expensive grills at a fraction of the cost. Stainless steel tube burners sit below Napoleon’s distinct “Wave” grill grates to offer premium performance and professional results. An integrated infrared rotisserie burner and side infrared sear zone offer diverse cooking options for all your culinary creations. Even better, the entire package is backed by Napoleon’s President’s limited lifetime warranty.

The Most Affordable "Performance” Grill

Blaze 32-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill with Lights

Blaze 32-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill with Lights

Blaze grills offer a premium product at a more affordable price point. With complete 304 stainless steel construction and cast stainless steel burners, the build quality of these grills rivals many more expensive models. There’s also the option to upgrade to marine-grade stainless steel for even better durability—perfect for those dealing with the damaging effects of salty sea air on a daily basis.

Blaze owners also love the integrated features of this grill—features like flame stabilizers, heat zone separators, restaurant-quality grill grates, and a flame thrower ignition. These grills even feature interior lighting and an infrared rotisserie burner. If you’re looking for something a step up from a standard grill, Blaze makes a great option and won’t break the bank.

The Most Traditional Grill

Bull Lonestar Select 30-Inch Grill on Cart

The Bull Lonestar Select grill offers a perfect combination of high-performance grilling and affordability without unnecessary frills. This is a premium workhorse grill for someone who's more concerned with performance than they are showing off to friends and neighbors. You'll still have plenty to brag about if you want to, though, with the Lonestar's 14-gauge, 304 stainless steel construction, heavy-duty stainless steel burners, and thick stainless steel grates.

Bull Grills are for their reliable—or rather, reliaBULL—design engineered to help you make the most of your grilling space with improved heat distribution and heat retention. This is a grill you'll be enjoying for many, many years to come.

The Most Impressive Gas Grill

Twin Eagles 42-Inch Freestanding Grill

Twin Eagles 42-Inch Freestanding Grill

Designed with the profile of high-end homes in mind, Twin Eagles grills are skillfully crafted to exude style and beauty in addition to being one of the most advanced gas grills on the market. Each grill features a contemporary blend of geometric shapes, contoured angles, seamless welds, and high-polished accents for a truly unique work art.

They don't stop there, however. Twin Eagles grills are designed with superior performance at their core. With heavy gauge stainless steel burners rated for 25,000 BTU each, unique ceramic briquette trays placed above the burners to simulate charcoal cooking, and the thick hexagonal grill grates, each Twin Eagles grill will perform like a luxury sports car.

The Most Luxurious Gas Grill

Fire Magic Echelon E1060s-51

Fire Magic Echelon E1060s-51

RH Peterson has been creating the world's most advanced gas grills for nearly a century, and their Echelon Series gas grills embody their highest vision of what luxury grilling can offer. At the heart of each Echelon, grill rests the unique E-shaped burners made from cast stainless steel and each rated for up to a whopping 28,750 BTU for superior heat output and professional-style grilling.

Beyond the superior construction, Fire Magic's Echelon Series grills feature some of the most unique bells and whistles found on high-end grills—features like the Magic View Window, integrated Digital Grill Thermometer, backlit LED control knobs, interior halogen lights, a built-in wood chip smoker, and the robust side power burner. This is a truly stunning grill.

The Best Infrared Gas Grill

TEC Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Gas Grill on Pedestal

TEC Sterling Patio 2 FR Infrared Gas Grill on Pedestal

TEC invented and held the exclusive patent on the infrared grill burner for over 20 years. Though their patent has expired, their innovation towards infrared grill technology has not diminished. Each TEC grill features a unique radiant glass panel that sits in between the infrared burner and the specially designed grill grates in order to provide consistent high—or low—grilling temperatures.

The radiant glass panel keeps temperatures steady from front to back and side to side across the entire grill surface so there are no hot & cold zones on these grills. In addition, infrared grilling uses nearly half the gas of traditional gas grills and keeps your food moist as you grill—a true star in the BBQ world.

The Most Unique Gas Grill

EVO Professional Series Grill

EVO Professional Series Grill

If you’re looking for something truly unique in an outdoor grill, the Evo Professional Series Grill may be just what you’re looking for. This one-of-a-kind design will make you the envy of any BBQ enthusiast. Drawing inspiration from professional hibachi grills and the flat cooktops of commercial restaurants, this grill can help you cook like a pro.

Sear your steaks, chops, chicken, and fish with ease, or go a step farther to take on culinary challenges not possible on standard grills. Griddle grill your hamburgers like a classic diner, serve up a breakfast skillet with awesome pancakes, eggs, and bacon, or just give your fish a restaurant-style crust you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll be surprised how much you can do with this gem.

The Best Gas Pizza Oven

Summerset 23-Inch Freestanding Outdoor Oven

If you love to entertain, you want your outdoor kitchen to be as impressive as your indoor one. What better way to do that than with a gas pizza oven? The Summerset 23-inch Freestanding Oven combines innovative features, unparalleled performance, and superior craftsmanship to create one of the most advanced pizza ovens on the market.

This oven features a 16,000 BTU main burner, three cooking racks, and a large capacity, making it an excellent addition to any high-end outdoor kitchen. Additional user-friendly features like electronic ignition, front view window, and a cool-touch design solidify the quality of this premium appliance.

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This is far from an exhaustive list of grills. We offer many great brands and models at Kick Ass Grills designed to fit a wide variety of cooking styles, design needs, and budget options. If you’d like to learn more about any of our product offerings, give us a call at 888-690-3773 to speak with a member of our team.