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How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

Designing, planning, and purchasing your own outdoor kitchen is a multi-step process, and one of the first stages along the way is determining your budget. Because of the wide variety of options available when planning a custom project like this, it can be tough to nail down the exact dollar figure for a custom outdoor grill island. There is a range of possibilities to suit most budgets, so to make your shopping experience easier, we've put together this helpful guide to the prices and considerations that go into buying an outdoor kitchen.

Charcoal Grill FAQ

Grilling with charcoal is a time-honored tradition dating back centuries and for good reason. The delicious smoky flavor and aroma of solid fuel like charcoal BBQ grills are tough to beat. As fat and other liquids are rendered out of your food and fall on the hot coals underneath, they vaporize and infuse your food with an incredibly rich taste alongside the natural smoke released by the charcoal itself.

Best Kamado Grills for 2022

Kamado grills are a growing segment of the outdoor cooking market because of the incredible versatility they can provide, especially for grill masters who value the flavor of real charcoal cooking. If you're looking to grill, smoke or roast delicious meats and veggies, then a kamado grill will do the job. Built from ceramic for maximum durability and excellent heat retention, these egg shaped grills can quickly become a mainstay in your grilling arsenal, whether you're looking to replace or supplement a more traditional grill.

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