There are many reasons a luxury grill is worth the higher price tag. Most budget grills just can’t offer the features and durability of a well-built stainless steel grill. Even for casual backyard cooks, investing in a grill that lasts more than 10 years is a better option than choosing one that’s replaced every summer.

But how do you decide which grill is right for you? You want the best flavor, ease of use and overall design, but those aren’t easy to gauge when browsing online listings. Our experts have compiled a list of features to look for when you’re shopping for a high-quality grill. Here are the details to pay attention to when looking for your next backyard upgrade.

Durability and Design of Top-Tier Grills

One of the greatest payoffs of upgrading to a high-end grill is its ability to stand the test of time. When investing in a premium grill, make sure you check the grade of steel it’s made from (304 is usually best) and what type of warranty is included.

When you look under the hood of a Kick Ass Grill like the 32-inch Blaze BLZ-4LTE2, you’ll find heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction that’s built to last. Cast stainless steel burners deliver the same commercial-grade quality you’d find on more expensive grills, making this mid-level model a more durable choice than others you may find on the market.

The way the burners and heating surface are designed also have a huge impact on the overall quality of your grill. High-quality burners, like those on the Blaze model above, give you more control over the temperature and consistency of the flame while cooking. They also provide more power, which means you can cook and sear at a higher heat.

Many sear burners on luxury models reach temperatures of more than 900 degrees, a feature you wouldn’t find on most mid-level grills on the market. Experienced grill masters know that the highest heat setting causes drippings to vaporize immediately and rise back into the food, infusing it with even more flavor. Whether you choose the freestanding model above or the built-in Blaze BLZ-4LTE2, you’ll get the durability and design every grilling master dreams of.

You’ll also find features like stainless steel WAVE cooking grids on the Napoleon P500RSIB-3 Prestige 500. The thick 7.5 mm cooking surface has Napoleon's trademark "S" style cooking grill marks and features dual-level stainless steel sear plates that protect tube burners from grease or flare-ups. The sear plates also help with providing even heat distribution to prevent hot and cold spots on the grill. With the added bonus of a rear infrared rotisserie kit and a side infrared Sizzle Zone that can reach up to 1,800 degrees, you’ll bring rotisserie flavors and steakhouse-worthy searing right to your backyard.

One feature you can’t miss is the sleek design and appearance of higher-end grills. The Napoleon above and the Twin Eagles TEBQ30-C are luxury at its finest for the grilling connoisseur. They feature some of the best engineering and most stylish designs you’ll find on the market.  

Heat Retention and Functionality 

Reliable heat retention and an even heating surface are two crucial factors that contribute to a grill’s performance. To maximize heat retention, look for a double-lined hood made of stainless steel to ensure the internal temperature stays hot while the exterior remains safely cool.

Models like the Delta Heat DHBQ38-D offer a double-lined hood as well as a ceramic radiant grilling system, which uses ceramic briquette trays above the burners to provide radiant heating similar to charcoal grilling.  

While nearly all units advertise their BTU rating, it’s more important to look at how efficiently a grill is built. BTUs (British Thermal Units) are simply a measurement of how much gas is used, but the rating says nothing about the actual performance you can expect. Instead, we suggest you look for grills with larger burners and deep fireboxes, which deliver the best functionality and reliability while reducing the overall BTUs needed.  

Larger burners give you more room to cook, an evenly heated cooking space and more flexibility with what you’re cooking and how. You can cook different meat, vegetables, pizzas, you name it, all at the same time and at different temperatures. The larger burners maintain even heat distribution to prevent hot and cold spots.  

If you opt for a high-end infrared burner system, you’ll have the option for ultra-high heat like the best steakhouses. You’ll be making mouth-watering steaks in no time. Deeper fireboxes also provide more consistency and versatility while you cook. With more room under the grates, you get better control over preheating, more consistent air circulation and more predictable indirect heating.

Overall Cooking Experience

Gas cooking provides the convenience, ease, control and performance most at-home chefs look for in a grill. The good news? Well-designed grills don’t have to sacrifice the flavors of charcoal grilling either.

In models like the Aspire by Hestan EBR36, flip-to-clean ceramic briquette trays turn drippings from your food into a sizzling flavor and create radiant heat, which prevents hot and cold spots from cooking your food unevenly.

The innovative pyramid shape distributes the radiant heat in multiple directions, again for even heat distribution while achieving intense heat. The high-heat options, easy-clean features and spring-assisted, easy-open grill hood make cooking as effortless as possible.  

Luxury features like integrated lights, high-quality temperature gauges, die-cast control knobs and added design elements elevate the look and feel of your grill. Add-ons like a smoker box or a concealed rotisserie kit add easy cooking options to already top-of-the-line models. Smoker boxes and trays may not turn your grill into a true smoker, but cooking indirectly, low and slow and utilizing a smoker box can achieve great results and infuse smoky flavors.

With a high-end grill, you’ll find features and functionality you just won’t find on a budget model. Investing in a luxury grill means investing in the quality of your food and the delicious difference good craftsmanship makes.

Find Your Perfect Grill

From stainless steel to self-cleaning briquettes and the stunning design of luxury grills, there are a hundred reasons to upgrade your backyard kitchen. Our grill experts are here to help you narrow down the best features and find the grill that’s best for you. Give us a call today!

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