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Pellet Grills

Pellet Grills: Smoky Flavor Made Simple

A supremely versatile and convenient option for backyard cooking, the wood pellet grill or pellet smoker has become a popular option for those looking for the flavor of smoked meat with a fraction of the effort. Pellet grill smokers use a motorized feed mechanism to keep the flame supplied with compact smoker pellets, allowing your food to absorb that delicious aroma and flavor without you needing to check and add fuel over time.

With their growing popularity, many grill brands are entering the pellet smoker grill market, so to save you the trouble of combing through hundreds of models, the team here at Kickass Grills has curated a collection of only the best brands in the business. When you shop with us, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality pellet smoking grill that is designed to perform perfectly for years to come.

Why Buy a Pellet Grill

What do people love about wood pellet smokers? If you love the flavor of hardwood smoked meat but don't have the time to babysit a smoker all day for perfect results, a pellet grill might just be the ticket. While every customer's needs and wants are going to be different, we've noticed a few common threads among those who choose to buy a pellet grill from Kickass Grills:
  • Flavor - Like other forms of charcoal and solid fuel cooking, pellet grills are able to provide a higher level of flavor. As hardwood burns, it produces smoke which is absorbed by the food. A traditional smoker uses logs, chunks or chips, but the pellet grill uses the namesake wood pellets, fed into the fire by a motorized hopper to achieve the same flavor profile.
  • Convenience - One of the key selling points of pellet smokers is how much easier they are to use than traditional wood smoker grills. They automatically feed fuel into the burn chamber to keep a consistent environment without constant attention. Being able to automate the process frees you up to go about your day while your food smokes.
  • Technology - Because we carry only the best brands on the market, you'll find many models with high-tech features that make your grilling experience even easier. Some smoker grills can even be monitored and controlled via WiFi, allowing you to use your smartphone to check food temps and adjust settings on the go or just on the couch.

What to Consider when Shopping for a Pellet Grill

While you can be sure you're getting a quality pellet grill when shopping with Kickass Grills, not all models are created equal. There is a great deal of variety in design and functionality in our collection, giving you plenty of options to find the pellet smoker that best suits your needs. Key factors to consider include:
  • Grill Style - There are three main styles of pellet grill in our collection: freestanding cart units, built-in units and traditional barrel-style units. If you're building an outdoor kitchen island and looking to integrate a pellet grill into your setup, then a built-in model is the way to go.

    If you're looking for a pellet grill that you can move around, you can go with either a modern cart model or a traditional barrel design. Cart pellet grills generally offer additional storage space under the grill head, while barrel-style designs provide greater cooking space on average.
  • Size - The array of available sizes means there's a pellet grill for almost any space. While it may be tempting to go for the biggest grill in your budget, it's important to remember that larger grills will need more fuel and time to achieve the same results. If you're not planning to regularly cook large amounts of food at once, a smaller grill may be better.
  • Price - Because we've selected only the best brands on the market, our prices do tend toward the higher end, but there's still a significant range of price points represented in our inventory. It's also important to remember that when you spend a little extra on a quality stainless steel pellet grill, it's going to last longer than a cheap pellet grill from a big box store, saving you money in the long run.
  • Features - While pellet grills by and large operate on the same principle, each manufacturer puts their own stamp on them by adding a variety of quality of life features. Some of these include built-in rotisserie kits, internal halogen lighting, modular rack systems for extra grilling space and digital temperature controllers.
  • Accessories - Many of the pellet grill models we carry can be upgraded with an array of optional accessories. Things like programmable meat probes make it even easier to achieve perfect results every time, while direct flame inserts, griddles and grill grate kits allow even greater cooking flexibility with your new pellet grill.

Pellet Grill FAQs

  • Does a pellet grill need to be plugged in? Yes. Pellet grills require an electrical supply to power the motor that feeds the pellets. Also, if the pellet grill has digital controls, those will require electricity as well.
  • Can I burn wood chips in my pellet smoker? Generally, no. Pellet grills are designed to burn wood pellets only. However, some models have an optional smoker box that can be used to burn wood chips as well. Be sure to check the details on any model you're considering before doing so.
  • How often does a pellet grill need to be cleaned? First, you should always be cleaning ash out of the grill after every use to prevent old ash from smothering the flame in the future. As far as deep cleanings, we recommend doing so every 5 uses or so to keep it working its best for years.
  • Can a pellet grill replace a gas grill? Yes, but not every pellet grill will do the job of a standard grill. If you'd like to go this route, be sure to get a pellet grill that's capable of higher heat grilling temps, not just smoking.
  • What are the best brands of pellet grill? If you see it here at Kickass Grills, it's one of the best pellet grills on the market. Our most popular pellet grill brands are Twin Eagles, Memphis Grills, Oklahoma Joe's, Coyote and Broil King.
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