Outdoor Bars & Sinks

Bars & Sinks: Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you're looking to build a complete outdoor kitchen, then you should definitely be considering adding an outside sink station or wet bar to take the experience to the next level. These stainless steel outdoor sink stations are designed specifically to stand up to the elements, making them an excellent addition to any backyard gathering spot. Enjoying a sunny day from the comfort of your own patio with a full-featured outdoor bar simply can't be beaten.

Backyard relaxation comes in all sizes, from a lawn chair and a cooler all the way up to a full outdoor kitchen suite. While it's sometimes nice to keep things simple, those who truly want to commit to creating a personal paradise will want to take a look at our selection of garden sinks and outdoor bar supplies. Kickass Grills has combed the outdoor cooking industry to find the best brands out there and present them for your shopping pleasure. Check out the info below to find the best outdoor kitchen sink station for your needs.

Why Buy an Outdoor Bar & Sink

While they're not strictly necessary, adding an outdoor wet bar sink to your backyard grilling setup can be a major improvement, both in terms of enjoyment and home value. While every customer's needs and wants are different, during the decade we've been selling top-quality outdoor products, we've noticed certain common threads among those customers who choose to buy an outdoor sink or built-in bar from Kickass Grills:
  • Convenience - When cooking, either indoors or outdoors, having a place to quickly wash your hands, rinse a dish or clean up some ingredients is a major help. While it's a no-brainer to have at least one sink in your home kitchen, some will overlook adding one to their outdoor kitchen island, despite the convenience it brings.

    Speaking of convenience, if you're an aspiring backyard mixologist, we also carry a wide variety of built-in bar sinks complete with bottle openers, speed rails and garnish coolers. Cracking a cold one or mixing up a cocktail on your patio has never been easier.
  • Experience - While millions of people have a grill in their backyard, not many can boast a full-featured gathering place complete with a bar sink with a faucet. Adding these smart accessories can take a home BBQ hub from good to great by offering a true luxe feel. Your outdoor parties are sure to be the talk of the block when you add a bar sink to the setup.
  • Versatility - One of the best parts of adding an outdoor bar to your backyard is that it transforms the space from a cooking station to a complete relaxation center. Simply relaxing with a drink and watching the sun go down after a long day is suddenly the easiest thing in the world when you've got a backyard bar.

What to Consider When Shopping For an Outdoor Bar & Sink

While every product we carry at Kickass Grills is from a brand with a time-tested reputation for quality, each bar sink we carry will have its own features that will better suit different applications. In order to guide you in the shopping process, we've collected a few main points here to help you find the bar or outdoor sink that will best meet your needs:
  • Product Type - This category includes products of the following types, each of which serves a different need.
    • Outdoor Sinks & Faucets - Among our selection, you can find standalone sinks, standalone faucets and sink/faucet combos. These smart appliances offer a convenient place to wash hands, scrub dishes, rinse off ingredients and grab water to drink or add to a recipe.
    • Drop-In Ice Chests - A convenient way to keep drinks and ingredients cool, these easy-to-use ice chests simply slot into an open space in the kitchen island countertop. Excellent for parties, they add all the utility of a cooler without taking up any floor space.
    • Bar/Refreshment Centers - These are the king of this accessory type, providing a full-featured experience for those looking to go all the way with their backyard relaxation space. Each of the models in our inventory has its own feature set, but many include things like sinks, ice coolers, garnish trays, speed rails, bottle openers, towel racks, built-in cutting boards and storage shelves.
  • Size - When planning an outdoor kitchen, careful attention must be paid to the size of each individual component to ensure that your island has space for everything you'd like to include. Fortunately, we carry sinks and bar inserts in a variety of sizes and shapes, ensuring that whether you're looking for something small to slot into a bit of extra space or a full-size unit to be a centerpiece, we've got you covered.

Outdoor Bar & Sink FAQs

  • Do I need a plumber to install an outdoor sink? This will depend on your level of DIY ability. It's certainly possible for the average homeowner to install an outdoor sink on their own after a bit of research, particularly when using a reputable brand like those we sell here at Kickass Grills, which use durable materials that won't wear out quickly.
  • Is it possible to have hot water in an outdoor sink? As long as you buy a sink with both hot and cold water connections, it's simple to supply hot water to your outdoor sink. It will take extra plumbing to supply the hot water to the faucet, but a competent DIYer should have no issue doing so.
  • Is it possible to install a garbage disposal in an outdoor sink? As long as the sink you choose has a large enough drain to accommodate the disposal, it's totally possible to add one to your outdoor kitchen, making clean-up even easier.
  • What are the best brands of outdoor sinks or bar centers? The brands we sell represent the best in the business. The most popular makers of outdoor sinks and bar accessories in our inventory are Lynx, Bull, Summerset, Delta Heat and Fire Magic.
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