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Built-In Gas Grills

outdoor kitchen buying guide for gas grills
  1. Bull BG-5756x Brahma 38-Inch Built-In Grill
    Bull BG-5756x Brahma 38-Inch Built-In Grill
    As low as $3,169.00 Regular Price $3,798.00
  2. Blaze BLZ-4LTE2 Built-In Gas Grill with Lights, 32-inch
    Blaze BLZ-4LTE2 Built-In Gas Grill with Lights, 32-inch
    As low as $1,999.99 Regular Price $2,874.99
  3. Napoleon BIPRO665RBNSS-3 Prestige PRO 665 Built-In Gas Grill with Rotisserie
    Napoleon BIPRO665RBNSS-3 Prestige PRO 665 Built-In Gas Grill with Rotisserie
    As low as $2,999.00 Regular Price $3,299.00

Built-In Gas Grills for Your Outdoor Kitchen

With so many brands in the built-in gas BBQ grill market, finding the right one for your outdoor kitchen can be a challenge. Built-in grills (also known as drop-in grills) are a centerpiece of the backyard barbecue experience, so finding the perfect model is an important part of getting the most out of your purchase. If you're in the market for an outdoor kitchen grill, then Kickass Grills is the place to be.

We have hand selected the highest quality built-in BBQ grills from industry leaders to create a collection full of the best outdoor kitchen solutions. Our selection covers a wide range of budgets, styles and sizes to ensure we've got what you're looking for. Combine that with our top-notch customer service and outdoor built-in grill expertise, and it's easy to see why Kickass Grills is the place to shop for your next home improvement investment.

Why Buy a Built-In Gas Grill

Built-in outdoor grills are a popular choice among our customers for a number of reasons, and those reasons will vary from person to person. We have noticed a few common elements among customers who buy a built-in patio grill from Kickass Grills, including:
  • Convenience - One of the defining qualities of all propane and natural gas built-in grills is their ease of use. While charcoal grills can require significant time and effort to start, a built-in natural gas or propane grill can be started with just the push of a button or the twist of a knob. If you want to get to grilling quickly and easily, a gas grill is the way to go.
  • Stability - While the above point is true of all gas grills, one of the primary selling points of having a gas grill built in is the stability and permanence it offers. You can truly transform your outdoor kitchen space by designing and building a dedicated grilling island.
  • Durability - The other major upside to a built-in barbecue grill is that they tend to last longer than similar freestanding models. Because they stay in one spot rather than being moved around, they suffer less wear and tear over the years, keeping them in pristine grilling condition and making them an excellent investment.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Built-In Gas Grill

While the team here at Kickass Grills has made sure our site only features the best built-in gas grills on the market, we still have quite a wide selection. Finding the right brand and model of grill from our catalog means knowing what you need out of it. With our smart search filters and expert product specialists on hand to answer questions, we make it as easy as possible to find the perfect built-in BBQ for you. These are some key factors to consider:
  • Fuel Type - Gas grills run on one of two types of fuel: liquid propane or natural gas. Generally, if your home receives gas supply from a municipal source, you'll need a built-in natural gas grill. If you're planning to use a portable or privately supplied tank, you'll want to select a built-in propane grill instead. The two fuel types are not interchangeable, so it's important to know which you need ahead of time.
  • Size - Most of the built-in grill models we carry come in a range of sizes, from compact 24-inch models up to showstopping 56-inch behemoths. With a larger grill comes a larger cooking surface area, with some models approaching 1000 square inches of grilling space. While it can be tempting to buy the largest grill your budget allows, it's important to remember that bigger isn't always better. A larger grill takes up more space, of course, but it also requires more energy and time to heat up.
  • Price - Because we curate our offerings to only the best grills on the market, we still carry products covering a wide range of price points, so there's something for almost any budget. While a cheap grill from a big-box store may seem appealing, you also need to take longevity into account. A higher-dollar stainless steel grill head that lasts many years costs less in the long run than a "budget" grill that needs to be replaced after a few summers.
  • Features - The other reason that higher-priced grills are worth the investment is the amount of additional utility they offer. The built-in gas grills on our site represent some of the most versatile outdoor cooking options on the market, featuring things like integrated rotisserie cookers, high-heat infrared burners that provide rich sear marks and interior LED lighting to allow for safe nighttime grilling. While shopping, keep an eye out for the special features that meet your needs.
  • Accessories - While the grills we carry offer a rich set of included features, one of the best ways to get the most out of your grill is to choose a brand and model that can be customized with a set of purpose-built grill accessories. With our huge selection of grilling tools and add-ons like pizza stones, drop-in griddles and smoker boxes, you can get the grill of your dreams with ease.

    The other major benefit of building your own outdoor kitchen island with a built-in grill is the ability to add on things like built-in side burners, refrigerators, sinks and other kitchen accessories. Many of the grill brands we carry also make matching accessories to create a complete backyard cooking suite.

Built-In Gas Grill FAQs

  • How do I know what size of built-in gas grill to get? When looking for a built-in gas BBQ for an outdoor kitchen, it's important to plan the entire layout ahead of time so you know everything will fit together. Once you've determined how much space you can dedicate to the grill head, you'll know the size range you should be shopping.
  • What kinds of food can I cook on a gas grill? If you can cook it on a stovetop or in an oven, you can cook it on a grill. Often, in fact, a grill can cook those things even better than indoor methods because you can use higher heat without turning your kitchen into a sauna.
  • How long will my built-in gas grill last? The grills we carry are built almost exclusively from 304 stainless steel, the industry-standard material of choice for outdoor cooking because of its corrosion resistance. Many of the brands we carry offer generous warranties as well. A grill from Kickass Grills is likely to stand up to regular use for as much as five to ten years.
  • How do I light my gas grill? Lighting a gas grill is designed to be a simple, fool-proof process, and the quality grills in our collection feature some of the most reliable ignition mechanisms on the market. Simply turn on the gas supply, either natural gas or propane, and either turn the burner knob to the ignition position or press a button and you're in business.
  • What are the best built-in gas grill brands? All of the brands here at Kickass Grills represent the best in the industry. Some of our most popular brands include: Blaze, Napoleon, Bull and Summerset.
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