Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens: Your Personal Backyard Destination

For those looking to take their grilling experience to the next level, building an outdoor kitchen grill station is the obvious choice. By investing in a customized setup and selecting the outdoor kitchen appliances that best suit your needs, you can transform your backyard into a fully functional cooking suite. Kickass Grills has combed the industry to collect the best brands of outdoor cooking equipment to make your design experience easy. When you buy from, you're certain you're getting a quality product.

The process of designing and building an outdoor grill kitchen requires a number of design and purchasing decisions, from the layout of the island to which grill and accessories you decide to implement. To make your shopping process simpler, we've collected some info and tips here to guide you through the experience of creating your own outdoor BBQ kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Components

We carry outdoor kitchen products from the top manufacturers in the industry, covering an enormous range of possibilities. After determining the available space and layout in your yard or patio, you'll need to decide which items you'd like to include in your outside kitchen paradise. The level of customizability means no two garden kitchens will be exactly the same. Grills for outdoor kitchens can be found in our Built-In Grills section. The product categories we offer for outdoor kitchens include:

  • BBQ Islands - If you're looking to upgrade your backyard with an outdoor kitchen but want to deal with custom designing the island itself or selecting each individual component, then a prefabricated BBQ island is a way to go. These units are available either in fully complete and kitted-out designs that simply need to be assembled or as modular systems that still offer a significant degree of customization.
  • Side Burners - The perfect complimentary accessory to a built-in grill, side burners offer exceptional cooking flexibility to get the most out of your experience. These Outdoor kitchen accessories come in various styles, including sear burners, range-style burners and even dual-burner designs with the space to whip upsides and sauces right alongside your grill.
  • Refrigeration - A kitchen is scarcely a kitchen without a refrigerator, and these outdoor appliances offer exceptional convenience, keeping ingredients and beverages cool while you're cooking. This category also includes things like ice makers, kegerators and wine coolers. If you're looking to have the best backyard parties on the block, an outdoor refrigerator is a must.
  • Bars & Sinks - Much like refrigerators, having a built-in sink adds a significant degree of convenience to the outdoor cooking experience. Being able to quickly rinse off or wash your hands, dishes and utensils save you from having to run in and out of the house while cooking.
    In addition, items like drop-in ice chests, speed rails, garnish coolers and integrated bottle openers mean your outdoor kitchen island can pull double duty as a bar for entertaining and cocktail mixing.
  • Doors & Drawers - Just like an indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchens require storage space for the various items and accessories needed to cook delicious meals. We carry an enormous range of built-in doors and drawers to offer the storage space needed to make the most of your outdoor cooking experience.
  • Insulating Jackets - Safely installing a built-in grill requires following the manufacturer's specifications. If you're planning to build your outdoor grill island out of combustible materials like wood, most grill brands recommend the use of an insulating jacket for any cooking appliances, like grills and side burners. They protect the island structure from the heat of the flame, preventing damage.
  • Ventilation - Proper ventilation can be important to ensure safety in an outdoor kitchen. Whether it's a vent hood over your grill to cycle air and keep grill fumes from overwhelming your outdoor space or a cabinet vent designed to allow airflow inside the island, ventilation is key to protecting your investment.
  • Trash Bins & Chutes - Available in a variety of designs, including pull-out trash drawers/cabinets and even as a countertop chute with a built-in cutting board, these outdoor kitchen accessories make clean-up a breeze.
  • Paper Towel Holders - Having paper towels at hand while cooking can be a lifesaver. Whether you need to quickly wipe up a spill, pat down some cuts of meat or dry off some veggies after washing them, knowing exactly where to find your paper towel roll is key.
  • Warming Drawers - Especially important if you're planning to cook for larger groups, a warming drawer provides the perfect place to keep food toasty while working on a new batch of burgers.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Kitchen

With all the options listed above, it may seem a bit overwhelming to design an outdoor kitchen. Kickass Grills is here to simplify and improve the process by providing quality components and providing expert advice. By paying attention to a few key points, you can be sure your outdoor kitchen patio will meet all your needs with ease.

  • Compatibility - Ensuring all your components work together is a vital piece of the puzzle. We generally recommend picking a single brand to buy your appliances and accessories from to ensure everything is standardized and compatible. Each brand we carry has a reputation for creating quality products built to exacting tolerances, so they will fit together right out of the box.
  • Layout - Just like a standard kitchen, being able to move quickly and easily between areas is important in an outdoor kitchen. Kitchens can be broken down into three areas: cooking, refrigeration and preparation. You'll want to ensure you have a clear path between all three and have them as close to each other as possible so you can easily move from one to the other as needed.
  • Hookups - In addition to a fuel connection for grills and side burners, many outdoor kitchen components may require electrical service and/or a water hookup. By planning the location of each appliance ahead of time and knowing whether they require fuel, electricity and or/water, you can have those connections in place ahead of time to make the project easier.
  • Price - Outdoor kitchens are an investment, just the same as any other home improvement project. While it would certainly be cheaper to just buy a freestanding grill and rely on your interior kitchen for everything else, the functionality and convenience of a full-feature outdoor kitchen can't be overstated. They're also a sure way to increase your home's resale value for the future.
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