Pellet Grills Are an Easy Way to Get Great Results

Pellet grills offer an updated alternative to traditional charcoal or gas grills. They’re also incredibly easy to use; just add pellets and set your grill to the desired temperature. If you’re in the market for a new grill, here’s why you should consider one of these great grills to upgrade your outdoor kitchen.

How Does a Pellet Grill Work?

Pellet grills are much like an oven in the way they operate. The interior of the unit is heated by burning small, compacted sawdust pellets, which produces heat and smoke. The design of a pellet grill makes an excellent option for a wide variety of cooking tasks. You can grill, smoke, slow-roast and experiment to your heart's content, achieving great results thanks to the precision design of these units.

Premium pellet grills have additional features to assist users, as well. The Memphis Grills VGB0002S Pellet Grill features integrated Wi-Fi tech to allow complete control through the Memphis Grills app. When combined with the grill’s Intelligent Temperature Control probes, aspiring grillmasters can take the guesswork out of grilling for professional quality results every time. The added bonus is that you can monitor long, slow smokes without being chained to the grill, letting you live your life.

How Do You Start a Pellet Grill?

While every pellet grill may have slight differences, the general operation will usually be the same. The simple operation of a pellet grill is one of the strongest selling points of these units.

They are powered by electricity and work by having an auger push pellets from a hopper to the burn pot. Initially, a pellet grill is ignited using a hot surface ignition system. This is often a small, red-hot probe within the burn pot in the center. Fans inside the pellet grill will stoke the fire to increase the temperature from there. At the same time, pellet smokers have a gauge to sense when the unit reaches the desired temperature. At that point, fans will turn off, allowing the grill to remain at the target temperature.

What Kind of Pellets Do You Use on a Pellet Grill?

Many types of wood are well-suited for use in a pellet smoker. Many brands will even have a line of pellets designed to complement their smokers. Be sure to experiment with a wide variety of brands and wood types to find your favorite options.

Here are some general taste guidelines for some common wood types to get you started. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so don’t limit yourself to what you find here.

Wood TypeFlavor ProfileGreat For
AlmondNutty and sweetPoultry
AppleSweet and fruityChicken, Pork, Ribs
CherrySweet and fruityChicken, Pork, Ribs
HickorySweet and strongBeef, Pork, Ribs
MapleSweet and subtleChicken, Fish, Pork
MesquiteStrong, earthy and smokyBeef
MulberrySweet, tangy and berry-likeBeef, Poultry
OakTraditional smoky flavorBeef
PecanSweet and mildBeef, Poultry, Ribs
WalnutStrong and bitterBeef, Pork, Ribs

Need Help Finding the Right Grill?

We’re here to answer your grilling questions! Contact us and we can give you our recommendations based on what you like to cook, typical meal sizes, and other factors. Our product experts are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT to assist you. We’re looking forward to making your next barbecue even more enjoyable.

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