Why Buy an Outdoor Refrigerator?

When you’re grilling out, making trips back and forth to your kitchen can be inconvenient. Whether you’re transporting ingredients, putting away leftovers, or going to get drinks for your guests, wouldn’t you rather stay close to the action right on your patio? Fortunately, an outdoor refrigerator gives you this option, and today we’re taking a look at some of the best outdoor refrigerators at Kick Ass Grills designed to improve your overall grilling experience.

Below we'll go over what to look for when shopping for an outdoor refrigerator, but if you'd like to get straight to our recommendations, check out our list.

Our Picks for Best Outdoor Fridges for 2023:

What to Look for When Shopping for an Outdoor Refrigerator

Not all refrigerators are built equal. When you’re in the market for a new appliance, there are some key factors you’ll want to consider to ensure you purchase a product that will adequately meet your needs. Here are some of the biggest considerations you’ll need to make.

Refrigerator Outdoor Ratings

Is your outdoor refrigerator actually rated for outdoor use? Surprisingly, not all of them are. Although many refrigerators can be used outdoors, there are likely notes in the user manual stating that the appliance must be installed in a covered location out of the elements or something similar. If you skimmed the manual (or skipped it altogether), you’ll find yourself in a couple of years wondering why your refrigerator stopped working correctly. Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to any manufacturer recommendations for maintenance to ensure your product performs as it should for many years to come.

Fridge Venting

Make sure to pay attention to the venting location on any refrigerator you’re looking to buy. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure that the appliance has a venting design compatible with your outdoor kitchen. Units can be rear- or front-vented, and in either case, you’ll want to allow for adequate clearance to avoid excessive wear and tear.

Design & Features of Refrigerators

Possibly the most obvious factor you’ll need to consider when buying an outdoor refrigerator is its design. Does the unit match the rest of your outdoor kitchen? Does the appliance have all of the features you want, like locking doors, interior lighting or warning alarms? Is the refrigerator large enough to accommodate the items you’re planning to store? Think about everything you’ll be using your refrigerator for so you won’t find yourself second-guessing your purchase later.

Outdoor Refrigeration Prices

While it’s nice to find the biggest, baddest, and most expensive version of something and just buy that appliance, the reality for most people is that there’s a budget limit for luxury items like outdoor kitchen products. Having said that, you can find great options at a variety of price points, making these great refrigerators an option for more outdoor kitchens than ever before.

Our Top Picks for Outdoor Refrigerators

We only carry quality products at Kick Ass Grills, so we’re confident you’d be happy with any of the outdoor refrigeration products we offer. That said, we’ve put together this small guide to give you a sample of what you might find in three budget categories.

Good: Blaze 4.5 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Refrigerator

Blaze BLZ-SSRF130 Outdoor Stainless Steel Refrigerator, 4.5 Cu Ft, 20-inches

This Blaze outdoor refrigerator offers a no-nonsense, utilitarian approach to outdoor kitchen design. With 4.5 cubic feet of refrigeration space, adjustable shelving, and easy-to-use temperature controls, this unit offers a great way to add some extra functionality to your outdoor kitchen for only a few hundred extra dollars. Keep in mind, however, that while this refrigerator can be used outdoors, it doesn’t offer the same durability as the higher-end units, so pay close attention to any manufacturer specifications regarding proper installation.

Better: Twin Eagles Outdoor Refrigerator with Lock

Twin Eagles TEOR24-G Outdoor Refrigerator with Lock, 24x34.75-Inch

The Twin Eagles Outdoor Refrigerator with Lock offers an upgraded appliance for your outdoor kitchen setup. In addition to its heavy-duty construction, this refrigerator offers a large 6.1-cubic-foot interior, adjustable shelving, and an energy-efficient design. An adjustable temperature range from 33 degrees to 52 degrees Fahrenheit allows for a wide variety of storage options based on your needs, while the quality of life features like a digital LED touchpad, active fault alarm system, and safety lock round out an overall impressive design.

Best: Hestan Outdoor Refrigerator/Freezer Combo with Lock

Hestan GRFR24 Outdoor Refrigerator/Freezer Combo with Lock, 24-Inches

If budget isn’t a concern, why not go all out? For those looking for the highest of the high end, look no further than this Hestan outdoor refrigerator/freezer combo unit. With its UL-listed design and premium construction, this unit is ideal for outdoor use. Boasting 5.2 cubic feet of storage space, a wide temperature range and forced air technology for even cooling, this refrigerator is so impressive that it might make the one in your house jealous.

Other Refrigeration Options

Drop-In Coolers

Aspire by Hestan EDC24 Stainless Steel Drop-In Cooler, 24-Inches

Depending on the space you’re working with, or if a full outdoor refrigerator just isn’t necessary for you, a drop-in cooler makes a great cold space for your outdoor kitchen. You may lose some of the features and space of a full unit, but smaller space requirements and lower maintenance make this an easier trade-off.

Featured Product: Aspire by Hestan Drop-In Cooler

Fire Magic Outdoor Kegerators and Beer Taps

Fire Magic Outdoor Rated Kegerator, 24-Inch

Beer is great. Draft beer is even better. If you enjoy entertaining family and friends with drinks, a specialized kegerator could make a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Even on nights where you won’t be firing up the grill, having cold beer on tap will make your space even more functional.

Featured Products: Fire Magic Outdoor Rated Kitchen

Summerset Outdoor Wine Cooler

Summerset SSRFR-15WD 15-Inch Outdoor Rated Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If you still enjoy adult beverages but a keg wasn’t what you had in mind, then a wine cooler makes a nice alternative. These coolers often incorporate special features like vibration reduction and multiple cooling zones for different types of wine. When you’re not using these fridges for wine, they can store other beverages and foods just as well.

Featured Product: Summerset Outdoor Rated Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Outdoor Ice Machines

Lynx LN15ICER Outdoor Ice Machine, 15-Inch, Right-Hinged

How does restaurant-style ice within arms reach sound? Take your outdoor kitchen from good to great with refreshing, crystal-clear ice from a premium outdoor ice maker. These machines pump out large amounts of high-quality ice and store plenty for all your guests.

Featured Product: Lynx Outdoor Ice Machine

Get Help Finding the Right Refrigerator

If you’re in the market for refrigerators, grills or any other outdoor kitchen products, we’re here to help. Contact us today to speak with a product specialist who can help you design the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.